Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on September 13, 2023. It may be changed at any time. Changes thereto become effective as soon as the amended version of the policy is published.

Alphabet Immobilier (“Alphabet Immobilier” also referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”) understands and respects the importance of the personal information it collects in order to accomplish its mission. Alphabet Immobilier has developed this privacy notice (the “Notice”) to explain how we collect, use, store, and disclose (“process” and all forms of the verb “process”) information. concerning a natural person and directly or indirectly allowing them to be identified (“personal information”) as you. This notice also describes your rights to the protection of your personal information and how to exercise them.

Contact information

Accountability: Who is responsible for my personal information?

We are responsible for the personal information we process. We have appointed a Chief Privacy Officer (the “RPRP”) to oversee our compliance with applicable privacy legislation.

Alphabet Immobilier contact details

5679-B rue Fullum,
Montréal, QC
H2G 2H6
Tél: (514) 523-0790

Contact details of our RPRP

Dominique Desmarais
Chief Privacy Officer
(514) 523-0790

Consent and Authorization

We collect, use and disclose personal information only with the consent of the individual concerned. Consent may be either implied depending on the circumstances or given expressly for a particular purpose.

When you provide us with your personal information and post it on our website, you consent to its collection, processing, use and disclosure for the purposes stated or apparent at the time of collection, and for other purposes described in this policy. .

You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. However, withdrawing your consent may result in stopping some of our services.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our consent process, please do not hesitate to contact us at We are here to help you and to make sure you are comfortable with how we process your personal data.

What personal information do we process?

Alphabet Immobilier may be required to process the following personal information:

Via his website:

  • Identity and contact details: including your name, address, telephone number and language.
  • Commercial Information: including information provided as part of the contractual relationship between you or your organization and Alphabet Immobilier, or provided voluntarily by you or your organization.
  • Profile and Usage Information: including passwords, your communication preferences, and information about how you use our services.
  • Technical Information: including information collected during your visits to our websites.
  • Sensitive Personal Information.

Via his company:

  • Identity and contact details: including your name, address, telephone number, date of birth and background.
  • Commercial Information: including information provided as part of the contractual relationship between you or your organization and Alphabet Immobilier, or provided voluntarily by you or your organization.
  • Information regarding physical access: details of your visits to our premises.
  • Sensitive Personal Information.


We use personal information for the purpose for which it was provided, such as enrolling in Alphabet Immobilier, providing reminders to renew your membership, providing information and reporting, and responding to your questions. The personal information we collect may also be used for other purposes, including:

  • Offer personalized services.
  • Notify you of any problems with our services or resolve them.
  • Better understand the needs and interests of our customers.
  • Analyze the performance of our services and our website.
  • Adapt the content of our site according to the current and future needs of our customers.
  • Personalize our communications with our customers.
  • For any other valid reason to provide services to our customers and keep the website up to date.

We may use the data collected on our site for research and analysis purposes. This research and analysis may result in the publication of aggregated data, but it will not be used to prepare reports or publish documents containing the personal information you have provided to us.

Rights of Individuals

You have the right to access your personal information that we hold, to modify or correct it, if necessary, and to receive an account of how it has been used, as well as a list of organizations to who they were disclosed.

If your personal information changes and you want to update your file, please let us know at

Please specify the reason for your request so that we can respond effectively.

Security of personal information

Material, technical, electronic and administrative mechanisms have been put in place to ensure the security and integrity of the personal information we collect on this website.

Responsibility for username and password

Members of this site receive a username and password allowing them to access certain pages of the site.

As a member, you are entirely responsible for the security of your password. You must take all necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of your password and prevent unauthorized use. Neither Alphabet Immobilier nor anyone else can be held responsible for any loss, damage or consequences resulting from negligent or unauthorized use of a password.

Information retention period

We retain personal information for as long as reasonably necessary to provide our services, for other specified or apparent purposes, and to maintain our records. Personal information is then destroyed, erased or anonymized.

Information published on the website may continue to be displayed there as long as the site is available. You can request that your personal information be removed from a particular web page by writing to

Disclosure of your personal information

In certain circumstances, it may be necessary to share your personal information with third parties. These third parties are separate entities from our organization and may include:

  • Outsourced Service Providers
  • Legal Authorities
  • Trusted partners
  • Business transfers

It is important to note that we take steps to ensure that any third party with whom we share your information has put in place adequate security and confidentiality measures to protect your data.

If you have any questions or concerns about sharing your information with third parties, please contact us at We are here to provide you with the information you need.

Management of cookies and similar technologies

Alphabet Immobilier uses cookies or similar technologies, we have put in place a specific policy to explain in detail why and how these technologies are used. To find out more about our approach to cookies, please see our Cookie Policy. This additional policy provides detailed information on the collection, use and management of cookies and similar technologies on our website.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and providing you with a seamless browsing experience. If you have additional questions regarding our cookies policy or how we use these technologies, do not hesitate to contact us at

Communication Language

Communications related to the protection of personal information will mainly be carried out in the English and French languages. We are committed to providing you with clear and understandable information regarding the collection, use and protection of your personal data. If you have specific preferences regarding the language of communication or require a translation into a different language, please contact us at We will do our best to accommodate your language needs wherever possible. Your satisfaction and understanding are essential to us, and we are here to help you at any time.

Monitoring/supervision mechanisms

The Alphabet Immobilier Privacy Committee conducts periodic reviews of incidents and issues raised through the incident reporting and escalation process to identify and resolve systemic issues.

Request access

You can submit an access request to know the personal information held, please contact us at You can also request to have this information corrected.

More information on how to protect your personal information

Although we take all appropriate security measures required by law, none are perfect. Users should always be careful how they use and disclose their personal information, and avoid communicating it via unsecured email. For more information on how to protect your personal information, please consult the resources on the following websites:

  • Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (
  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta (
  • Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of British Columbia (
  • Quebec Commission for Access to Information (

Effective date and modification

This notice is effective September 13, 2023 and supersedes all previous versions.

Alphabet Immobilier reserves the right to interpret the notice at its sole discretion.

Privacy legislation continues to evolve and, accordingly, we may modify this notice from time to time, in our sole discretion, without prior notice to you or liability to you or any other person. Our processing of your personal information will be governed by the version of this Notice that is in effect at that time.